LED display lamp
LED display lamp provides superior visibility for clear indication of NEXTAGE status.
Service ports (backside of cover)
Mounted with pipes (exterior shape Φ3×4 type/each arm) and cables (AWG24 x 10/ each arm) for air.
End effector attachment
Able to attach end effector optimal for specific application.
(Compatible via support from our company of the engineering manufacturer.)
Hand camera
Detailed position awareness during tasks.
Arm shape
Curved shape prevents finger pinching.
Axle structure
Arm component includes axle structure and inward tilt to prevent elbow protrusion.
The most unique component of the NEXTAGE exterior.
Head camera
Stereo vision enables environment recognition and position identification.

Robot specification

Degree of freedom   15 axes (6 for arms × 2, 2 for neck, 1 for waist)
Axes configuration Arms Shoulder Y - Shoulder P - Elbow P - Wrist Y - Wrist P - Wrist R
Neck Neck Y ? Neck P
Body Waist Y
Payload (TCP)   1.5 kg (one arm)
3.0 kg (two arms)
Position repeatability *1   Within 0.5 sec
Positioning repeatability *1   Within 30 μm
Max speed of each axis *2   Waist Y: 110 deg/s
Neck Y: 150 deg/s
Neck P: 250 deg/s
Shoulder Y: 172 deg/s
Shoulder P: 133 deg/s
Elbow P: 215 deg/s
Wrist Y: 263 deg/s
Wrist P: 224 deg/s
Wrist R: 300 deg/s
Operating environment Ambient operating temperature 0 to + 40 °C
Ambient operating humidity 20 to 80 % RH (no condensation shall occur)
In storage Same as the operating environment
Weight   29 kg
*1: The test conditions are:
Load applied to hands: 1.5 kg
Position coordinate to be measured: (x, y, z) = (315, ±100, 220) (+: Left arm, -: Right arm)
Operation speed rated at: 100 %, 50 % and 10 %
Number of measurements: 30 Error band: ±30 μm

Control box specification

Control computer Hardware OS QNX
Empty slot 2 PCI slots
  Servo method Digital servo
PTP control Linear, rotational
Interpolation Angle interpolation, linear spherical interpolation
Command input Position, Joint angle
Velocity specification Velocity specification in percent
Controller specification Velocity control method Trapezoidal control
Joint angle sensor Incremental encoder
Origin seek operation Initialization using absolute sensor
Min command unit Position: 0.01 (mm) or less, angle: 0.01 (deg)
Position teaching method JOG
No. of coordinate systems For system setting: 64, For users: 192
No. of teaching positions Unlimited
Communication interface Via CORBA (omniORB 4.01 or later) / Ethernet
Power supply Input voltage AC85 to 264V-1 (50Hz/60Hz)
Supply cable 3 m, grounded plug
Pause function Local pause Pause the right hand, left hand, waist or neck independently
Total pause Pause the entire body of a robot
External I/O Digital I/O DIGITAL IN 32CH 16 CHs for system, 16 CHs for users
5~48V、< 4.7mA
DIGITAL OUT 32CH 16 CHs for system, 16 CHs for users
5~48V、< 100mA
Ethernet 1 line
Emergency stop switch: Expansion interface Emergency stop switch (or circuit) provided by users is connectable
Pause switch: Expansion interface Pause switch (or circuit) provided by users is connectable
Indicator light: Expansion interface Indicator light provided by users is connectable
Switch box: Interface Switch box (standard equipment) is connectable
Emergency stop operation, pause operation
External dimension W470 × D365 × H180 (mm/projections excluded)
Weight 20kg
* Operation at 100 % speed requires the joint temperature of 25 °C.

Specification for operating ranges

Joint Motion range (deg)
Body Waist Y ±163
Neck Neck Y ±70
Neck P +75(+63),-23 *
Right arm Shoulder Y ±88
Shoulder P +60,-140
Elbow P +0,-158
Wrist Y +105,-165
Wrist P ±100
Wrist R ±163
Left arm Shoulder Y ±88
Shoulder P +60,-140
Elbow P +0,-158
Wrist Y +165,-105
Wrist P ±100
Wrist R ±163

* The motion range of Neck P is +75 when the neck faces front, or +63 when the neck does not face front due to Neck Y operation.

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The specifications are subject to change.